As the clock struck 9 pm on the eve of the 2023/24 New Year, the skies over the city were set ablaze with the radiant hues of 'Buried Country.' A dazzling fireworks show that wasn't just about sparkling lights, but a journey into the untold saga of Pemulwuy, the valiant Aboriginal warrior of the 17-1800s.
The Pylon projections, a symphony of visual storytelling, come to life through the synergy of We Are Warriors, R/GA, Vandal and The City of Sydney. 

I created bespoke illustrations that breathed life into iconic Indigenous figures such as Cathy Freeman, Vincent Namatjira, Barkaa, The Kid Laroi, Archie Roach & Ruby Hunter, Adam Goodes, Anita Heiss, Eddie Mabo, Patty Mills and Aretha Brown. 

For more information about the show, please follow this link
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